We Love Our Business Clients

Most businesses would be out of business without their technology. To support our business clients and minimize downtime, we offer on-site and remote support for “quick fix” issues. Let us be your “IT department” for when your technology turns sideways.

Our business clients work faster and smarter by using Google Apps for Business and Office 365, both of which leverage cloud-based apps and storage for fail safe and secure backup of their critical business documents. Ask us how you, too, can stop being dependent on local copies of your critical data.

Do We Sell New Computers?

Not only do we sell new computers, but we do not mark up what we sell. Windows 7 or 8, laptops, desktops or high end gaming PCs - you name it, we can get it (or build it), any brand you want.

Even if you don’t buy your new PC from us, we will gladly do a Signature Setup and Data Transfer. if you do buy a new PC from us, we include a one year Parts and Labor Warranty with every computer we sell. That way, if anything goes wrong within the first year, you call us (not India!) and we’ll come fix it.

Why Do I Need a “Signature Setup”? Isn’t My PC Brand New?

Unlike a car that will never run better than the day you buy it, a new PC runs poorly by comparison: It comes loaded with junk apps, it’s missing tons of security updates, and it’s not optimized.

Our Signature Setup takes care of all that. First we set up your account and get all the Windows security patches. Then we install antivirus to protect you from the bad guys. Next, we “dejunkify” it to rid you of all the bloatware. Finally, we tune-up your new baby to make sure it’s purring like a kitten instead of snarling like a tiger.

But I Want My New PC to Look Like My Old One!

People often resist getting a new PC because they like things the way they are. Who doesn’t? The good news is, we can transfer your data from your old PC to your new PC painlessly - pictures go to pictures, documents go to documents, favorites end up under favorites! Even desktop icons will make it onto your new desktop.

We can also reinstall your software. QuickBooks and MS Office are a two of the software titles we are frequently asked to configure to ensure financials and email are ready to go. We'll set up as much or as little as you like.

Residential or “Just Passing Through?” We Can Help!

Whether you’re a full-time or seasonal resident, or you’re just visiting our beautiful valley for a few days, we can help you. If you call early enough in the morning, we can sometimes see you the same day. Call as early as 7AM - we answer the phone! We make house calls whether it’s to a house, hotel or condo. Our service charge is $130.00/hour for the best service in the valley, with no hidden travel or mileage charges. You get an hour of service, support and/or training. We proudly accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Discover from our intrepid traveling clientele.

Gadgets: Can I Print From a Smartphone?

iPhone, iPads, Androids, tablets, laptops, wireless printers, PCs, routers - can all this coexist under without making you crazy? Yes! Gadgets are everywhere and we can help them play nicely together. Many wireless printers are now gadget-friendly and if you have the right one, we can get your iPhone to print, set up your Android phone to sync to your email, and even train you to understand how it all works. Check with us before you buy a new printer if you want your device to print to it - we’ll let you know what to get so you won’t be bummed out when the time comes to set it up.